Deanna Stroud is a Canadian artist based out of Burlington Ontario. Born in 1990, she has had a passion for creating since the young age of 12. Experimenting throughout the years with different mediums she has settled on oil paints to create beautiful paintings which can be enjoyed in any home. Deanna strives to bring all the beauty of nature to the canvas by using strong vibrant colours. Her goal is to bring joy into the lives of everyone who views her work. Since pursuing her art professionally in 2018 she has shipped her paintings across Canada and the US to be a part of private collections, and continues to create content for her social media. Exploring new subjects and techniques are a priority in her life as a professional artist. Her personal style of painting is a cross between the painterly style (looser brushstrokes) and realism. But she will always find new ways to bring life and beauty into the lives of others through her art. Contact Me

Client Testimonials

I truly enjoy DeAnna Stroud’s artwork and appreciate the depth of her talents.
S. Seymour
With such talent her work belongs in a gallery and in the homes of those in admiration like myself. I will purchase from Deanna again...
I absolutely love Deanna’s painting’s they are so alive and colourful, you feel like your there...
Deanna is very talented. The detail she puts into her work is phenomenal. Her paintings capture realistic views, and she really brings them to life. I highly recommend her! Not only is she talented, her customer service is beyond perfect.