Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Oil paintings are very easy to care for. Just hang you painting as soon as possible (out of harms way). Hang your painting out of direct sunlight and dust it every once in a while. Enjoy!
I have always been an artist in some form growing up. Starting with graphite, pencil crayon and markers then making my way up to watercolors. I started oil painting in 2018 and I haven’t looked back, I have found my calling.
My all-time favorite artists are Tim Packer and Brooke Cormier, their paintings are just so incredible and inspiring. I admire their work and their lifestyle. Plus, they are both Canadian artists as well!
My greatest inspiration would have to be nature. Trees, water, fields and the changing of the seasons never fail to make me want to paint! It is just so beautiful and nothing calls to me quite like a beautiful landscape or waterscape.
Yes, I do. Either stock photos or images I take on my own. Usually I tweak the painting a bit, especially with colour. I change what I see so the painting isn’t a perfect match to the photo, rather my artistic impression of it.
I package my paintings for shipping with a glassine paper/ tissue paper to protect the paint itself, then I use bubble wrap and foam boards to keep the painting safe a secure inside the box. Shipping is free inside Canada and the US!
I understand that not everyone has PayPal. With PayPal you can securely pay with your regular credit card or use your existing PayPal Account. You can send me an email at to make arrangements for an email-transfer if that works easier for you!